What you need from an Indirect CSP Distributor

Become a CSP partnerand increase profitability

Become a CSP partnerand increase profitability

Transitioning to be a cloud service provider isn’t always totally straightforward. You’re going to need your plans in place and a clear idea of where you’re going with CSP. By becoming a CSP partner, you can increase profitability through enhanced margins as well as providing a broader range of Microsoft services to your own customers. This is one of many reasons why we recommend that CSP is the right way to go, and CSP is easy with intY.

Now, you may be wondering why you should go indirect through a CSP distributor… When going direct to Microsoft, you’ll have to meet a vast range of requirements in order to resell cloud services within the CSP programme. Microsoft do this so that their products are never under or mis-sold, and to keep customer satisfaction as good as it can be wherever Microsoft products are concerned.

So, here’s where a distributor comes in

So, here’s where a distributor comes in

intY has a variety of partnership models to suit partners no matter where they are in their cloud journey. Some of the value-add feature benefits available through an intY partnership:


You don’t have to ensure that you can provide technical super support, as intY can do that for you if you want.
You don’t have to create a billing platform, because intY can create one bill via CASCADE, which saves you money and time.
You don’t have to commit to selling a minimum of 5,000 new Office 365 seats every year, because we take on that commitment.
intY provides the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.
intY will not own the customer relationship – intY is simply here to help you.
intY is committed to providing you with the most competitive pricing enabling you to maximise your profitability around CSP giving you the financial power to grow your cloud business.

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Choose the right distributor for you

So, if you’ve decided that you want to go indirectly, that’s step one complete. The next step after working out your plan is choosing the right CSP distributor for you. We’re aware of the hurdles you’ll face on your CSP journey, so, we’ve put together this article to give you an idea of what you need from a CSP distributor and to give you an idea of the questions you should be asking.

It depends on a few of the points listed above. If you’re looking to sell CSP but want to own the customer relationship, we offer that. Through our Expert Partner programme, you can bill the customer, provide the technical support and earn fantastic margins from us along the way. Want to sell CSP but don’t have full billing and technical support capabilities? That’s fine, join our Trusted Advisor programme where we can bill your customer and provide them super technical support, while you get paid great commissions.

Partner programmeto rule them all...

Will I have a personal account manager?

If a CSP distributor can offer you a dedicated and personal account manager, you’re winning. You need somebody who is a specialist in cloud to help guide you with your CSP plan, but also be 100% committed and dedicated to helping you grow your business. Any good distributor should be able to offer this, because the hurdles you’ll face along the way will mean that you’ll need your own personal account manager there at the other end.

You need a specialist who knows you, your business and your business plan and who is there ready to assist and provide go-to-market resources and support. Well, we have some great news… we offer this kind of super support as standard for all our partners.

How fast is your marketplace?

The faster you can supply your customers with services, the better your business will look to existing and prospective clients.

We all know the demands of today’s consumer, and we know that we live in a generation of instantaneous everything.

If you’ve never heard of CASCADE before, then you won’t know that our provisioning portal is the easiest and fastest portal out there on the market today. Don’t believe it?Licences are provisioned in less than 25 seconds.

There’s also online chat support as well as over the phone technical assistance. CASCADE will have you up and running your CSP business faster than any other marketplace, and most importantly, your customers up and running faster. Bingo!

We own our marketplace and the IP – unlike many other Indirect providers. We are continuously improving our marketplace adding a rich feature-set designed to create the most effective and seamless partner selling experience.

What’s the added value with going to a CSP distributor?

As a CSP distributor, we ensure that you’ll receive a wealth of resources, unrivalled support, your own personal cloud sales specialist and a real partnership with us. We work extremely closely with our partners to ensure we understand their needs so their business will grow and succeed.

We listen.  We respond.

We know that if you do well, we do well, and therefore we strive to ensure that we deliver as much value to our partners and their customers through a variety of sources. From incentives to super support, industry leading cloud marketplace and personal dedicated account management, we ensure that your business will thrive in the cloud through intY’s agile, partner first set up.

What elsecan you offer?

What elsecan you offer?

Well, we’re glad you asked… If you partner with intY, we will work closely, support and help you to gain Microsoft accreditations. We’re doing this because we want you to have access to all of the incentives provided by Microsoft for resellers meeting the criteria.

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It’s no coincidence that hundreds of resellers move to intY every month. We have the partner programme to rule them all, the fastest provisioning portal out there, unbeatable prices for resellers to maximise revenue, one on one super support from our technical engineers and of course… your personal account manager.

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